THE PARK in Hechlingen


The BMW MOTORRAD ENDURO PARK, which is owned by BMW Motorrad, is located in the middle of the beautiful Franconian Lake District, on the edge of the N├Ârdlinger Ries region. It covers 28 hectares, where flat and steep hill climbs and descents, ruts, water crossings, sandy passages and narrow paths of varying degrees of difficulty await all offroad riders. It is the perfect place to accompany beginners on their first steps on loose terrain, to train advanced riders and optimize their knowledge and skills, to give experienced riders the finishing touches to perfection and to introduce children and young people to the fun of off-road riding with trial training. Various forms of training offer the right program for all interested parties.

TWTMoto will be leading the customer training courses at the BMW MOTORRAD ENDURO PARK from January 1, 2024. Founder and owner of TWTMoto Tom Weinmayr, himself an instructor at the BMW Motorrad Academy, one of the Sportive Directors of the last GS Trophies, responsible for the Follow The Trails tours and organizer of various off-road tours worldwide, has the perfect instructors for the park with his team and his experience. All of them graduated from the BMW Motorrad Academy and are BMW Motorrad-certified off-road instructors, some of whom were on site as marshals at the last GS Trophys. Only the best-qualified instructors based on many years of experience in the off-road sector - both in training and on tours - are deployed at the BMW MOTORRAD ENDURO PARK. All participants can benefit from their professionalism.

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